Seller’s Agent

Seller's Agent Clarksville TN

With over 90% of today’s home shoppers using the internet to help search for their new home, shouldn’t you be more concerned with being found on the web than in an ad in the Sunday paper that no one looks at? So why is Web and Social Media Marketing is underutilized for Web-Based Real Estate Marketing Clarksville TN? Just slapping an add on a website isn’t going to work or sharing your home of Facebook. There is a lot more to it.

Seller’s Agent

It’s a lot easier for your realtor to place an ad in the paper so he or she can point to it and say “hey, what more do you want me to do, it’s in the paper”. Most realtors are happy to list your home in the MLS and hope that one of the other Realtors in town will sell your home, after all, they will still collect the listing fee for just inputting your info in the MLS.

Seller’s Agents, Buyer’s Agents, what do these words mean? Each one has a different job and they each work for different people.

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Prep your home for a fast sale.

Seller’s Agent Clarksville TN

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